Dental Professionals


Rockstar White is an amazing teeth whitening product! I have been using Rockstar White for more than a year. I have tried Zoom and Sapfire and neither of them compare to Rockstar White. Every whitening case has been a success, no sensitivity to my patients, and great results! The price is nice too! I have tried Rockstar White on myself, i will say that after my teeth being so white, it is such an easy sale to my patients! Thanks Rockstar White!


Rockstar whitening products worked great with our patients. Very simple to use and delivered nice results. Virtually no sensitivity - especially important with our in office teeth whitening procedures.

DR. L. JOHN ROSE, DDS and Team

Rockstar White is AMAZING! My patients are extremely happy with their new brighter whiter smiles. I’m getting awesome results and big smiles! I have no complaints of pain, or sensitivity with Rockstar. I am so happy that finally there is a whitening product that keeps my patients comfortable. The level of quality that goes into creating Rockstar really makes it superior. Rockstar in my opinion is out of this world! It really does ROCK!


I accidentally came across Rockstar Whitening technique about 1 1/2 years ago and have been using it since. I love it! It is very simple, easy to use in-office and at home. Just apply the gingival barrier, then the gel and see noticeable results in just in 1 hour. For more brighter results I prefer to give to my patients an hour and a half. Most importantly my patients never complain of any sensitivity, such as burning or irritations of the gums. Also my patients are very happy they get a gift bag which includes a home kit. Prior to recommending Rockstar to my patients I tried it on my office staff who loved it too!