About Rockstar White

Dr Dennis Hunt, periodontist and founder of Rockstar White

Dr Dennis Hunt, periodontist and founder of Rockstar White

Rockstar White was founded in 2007 by Dr. Dennis Hunt, a periodontist who specializes in surgery and utilizes advanced techniques in dentistry, Dr. Hunt did not initially set out to create a whitening product but an antimicrobial agent for his patients that would not stain his patients teeth like most periodontal rinses do. "There is a definite disadvantage for treating patients with products that stain the teeth; patients end up not liking the looks of their teeth and get disappointed just looking at their teeth just when we need them to become highly interested."

What Dr. Hunt was searching for was a strongly antimicrobial gel that would be safe enough to be used daily and of course not stain teeth brown. Dr. Hunt began to experiment with hydrogen peroxide. As it turns out our bodies use hydrogen peroxide to kill bac teria and other microbes all the time. Hydrogen peroxide is released by neutrphils when neutrophils come in contact with microbes, (germs). The use of hydrogen peroxide would mimic the bodies own natural defense system and could even whiten the teeth.

Dr. Hunt developed a carbamide peroxide solution that was made safe for extended use for the gums and teeth with desensitizers. The results showed the product to be a great adjunct to soft tissue management programs and post surgical wound healing. Patients loved the results, no more staining of the gums, an inspiration to the patients since both gums and teeth looked better.

What later followed was a response from general dentist complaints about teeth-whitening products. General dentists and some retail products hurt patient`s teeth, zingers. The pain at times made patients wonder if whiter teeth were worth the discomfort, and the discomfort could last for weeks. This was a real set back to patient trust for the dental offices and many dental offices stopped offering whitening.

So it became the goal of Dr. Hunt`s company, Rockstar White, to help whiten teeth without pain. With his use of desensitizers he has been able to give the retail consumer a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that can be worn for several hours at a time, thus the quickest whitening results at the retail level.

At the professional level he created a power whitening system that enables the dental professional to re-enter teeth whitening procedures for their patients with minimal sensitivity issues.

We pride ourselves with higher standards: made in the USA, Kosher, all natural.

Our mission at Rockstar White

At Rockstar White customer satisfaction is our primary concern: We are here to whiten your smiles with our products. We make quality products that are made and packaged in the USA, that are kosher, natural, and are non-animal tested. Rockstar White is here to establish itself as a clear market leader in getting dramatic results using the latest science in teeth whitening techniques. With Rockstar White you will experience the use of one of our many over-the-counter at-home products or products found within dental offices. Rockstar White believes in giving back to our community. Our distributing center employees a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Rockstar White gives back one smile at time with portions of our sales going to breast cancer research.

Our Rockstar White team is based northern, central, and Southern California with a growth into nationwide and country wide. We strive our best, to give you the best. Be Kissable®