How It Works

Our high energy whitening gel is highly concentrated to give you quicker, more noticeable results. It’s also infused with antioxidants and desensitizers to protect your gums and teeth. for a safe and painless experience. Our unique tray system, which creates an impression of your teeth, will create a custom fit to give you better results.


Step 1
Brush and floss your teeth lightly. Be careful not to abrade the gum tissues and do not rinse with any mouth wash.

Step 2
Bite into the impression material to create a tooth impression. Wiggle the teeth back-and-forth once the teeth are centered within the impression material. This wiggling will create space for the whitening gel. Note that there is an upper, larger side, and a lower, shorter side, to the dual arch tray.


Step 3 
Place a thin layer of the whitening gel into the mold; Do not to overload the tray. Do not let the gel come into contact with gums. Wipe off any excess with a Q-Tip.


Step 4
Apply vitamin E Q-tip on your gums.


Step 5 
Place the tray into your mouth for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Do not eat or drink for 1 hour after whitening.

Step 6
Follow the whitening process if you have tooth sensitivity use Gel Kam; you can place Gel-Kam in the tray or brush directly onto the teeth then let set for 3 minutes at the end of the 3 minutes spit out the excess material but do not rinse out the material.

Step 7
Repeat process daily; discontinue the bleaching gel if sensitivity occurs; if tooth sensitivity occurs do continue the Remineralization gel or Gel Kam twice daily until the sensitivity is gone.