Rockstar White Shares Teeth Whitening Maintenance Tips


Have you ever thought: I need whiter teeth? Then you’re not alone. Many people turn to the cheaper alternative of whitening (drugstore bleaching products) to avoid having an expensive in-office teeth whitening treatment. However, with a Rockstar whitening treatment you don’t have to break the bank to solve your bright smile dilemma. In fact, buying one of our 27-treatment kits costs less than $50—not to mention this solution was invented by a real-life Periodontist.

Dr. Dennis Hunt, creator and founder of Rockstar White, welcomes you to try his teeth whitening solution to truly see a difference in the appearance of your smile. Then, to ensure your smile keeps its new-found brilliance, use the aftercare tips provided below.

Ensure Your Smile Stays Brilliant

  • Brush those pearly whites. Brushing and flossing at least twice per day is a critical part of keeping your smile vibrant after a Rockstar whitening treatment. A regular teeth cleaning regimen removes food debris and bacteria from dental surfaces. Without daily cleaning your bleaching treatment will fade fast, leaving an off-white smile behind.

  • Watch your beverages. What you eat is just as much of smile duller as not brushing regularly. Drinks like soda, tea, coffee, sports drinks, and even dark-colored juices stain teeth. Additionally, eating dark-colored berries and sauces have the same effect on your smile. Instead, limit the consumption of said foods and beverages and brush within 20 minutes of eating.

  • Use the perfect toothbrush. Just as important as a daily teeth cleaning routine is the type of brush you use. Stick to soft-bristled brushes only, since anything harder causes damage to the gum line. Furthermore, trying switching to an electric toothbrush. Those clean teeth more effectively and help maintain your smile brilliant.

  • Don’t forget the touch-ups. While these tips do provide foolproof information, using touch-up treatments is key. When you notice that you need whiter teeth again, use a treatment or two to regain the glow in your smile.

Rockstar Whitening Kits Can Transform Your Smile

Having dentists approve a Rockstar teeth whitening treatment is just more confirmation that our solution is the real deal. With affordable whitening kits, your smile can shine brightly and you won’t experience the intense sensitivity caused by some other whitening products. Ordering a start-up kit is easy—just check out the shop tab on our website. The results speak for themselves. Still skeptical? Read our testimonials from actual dentists who not only recommend Rockstar White, they proudly offer the treatment to their patients. Stop living with less-than-pearly-white teeth, and give your smile a brilliant makeover today!