Rockstar White Explains the Importance of Flossing

glowing smile does wonders to a person’s features. With a nice-looking smile, others tend to trust you more; plus, you seem friendlier and more approachable. The key to beautiful smile is simple: proper care. Brushing alone will not help you conquer the healthy smile—flossing is equally important. In fact, it is very important. Your gums are the foundation of your teeth, it is what holds your teeth in place. Furthermore, using a teeth whitening treatment from time-to-time rejuvenates your smile to encourage you to care for your teeth diligently.

Dr. Dennis Hunt, creator of the Rockstar whitening gel, discusses the importance of flossing and how it can help your body and mouth stave off any heath issues.

Flossing Can Help Prevent the Following Ailments:

  • Tooth decay. After you eat, brushing alone cannot remove the leftover particles found in between teeth. If the food stays behind for an extended period of time, plaque develops—a sticky film that coats teeth and is teaming with bacteria. The bacteria then feeds on the lingering sugars that cling onto teeth, thus, causing cavities. Flossing once-a-day can help prevent the presence of plaque and lower your risk of developing oral illnesses.

  • Gum disease. Patients who don’t floss regularly can become victims of gum disease. The early stages begin with gingivitis, which is caused by an excess of dental plaque. Those who have gingivitis tend to have sore or bleeding gums and persistent bad breath (or halitosis). You can, however, avoid such an issues by remembering to floss.

  • Halitosis. When food begins to decompose in your oral cavity, odor-causing bacteria can cause noticeable bad breath. Furthermore, patients who already have gum disease can only treat their gums and bad breath with the help of a dentist and hygienist. Methods such as root planing and scaling prove most effective in fighting gum disease.

  • Tartar build-up. After plaque has hardened, it become tartar (or calculus). This calcified compound is present between teeth and can cause a receding gum line. Though some people may have a genetic predisposition to produce more tartar than others, insufficient flossing can also cause tartar build-up. Moreover, once tartar has settle in your mouth, only a hygienist can remove it.

  • Heart disease and diabetes. Studies have shown that heart disease and diabetes connect with the health of your mouth. In fact, people who have poor oral health have a greater possibility of developing such illnesses.

A Rockstar White Treatment and Better Brushing Habits Equals Bright Smiles

By flossing regularly you can prevent the onset of gum disease and other health-related issues. Additionally, including the occasional teeth whiteningtreatment can help maintain your smile brilliant. With affordable whitening kits, your smile can shine brightly, and you won’t experience the intense sensitivity caused by some whitening products. Ordering a start-up kit is easy—just check the shop tab on our website. The results speak for themselves. Still skeptical? Read our testimonials from actual dentists who not only recommend Rockstar White, they proudly offer the treatment to their patients. Stop living with less-than-pearly teeth, and give your smile a brilliant makeover today!