A Step-by-Step Guide to the Rockstar White Treatment


Not all custom-fit teeth whitening trays are created equal. In fact, many whitening treatments cause unwanted sensitivity. However, thanks to Dr. Hunt, who founded Rockstar White back in 2007, your smile can shine without causing tooth sensitivity. Though some dentists offer the system in-house, anyone seeking a safe and effective, custom-fit teeth whitening trays can purchase Rockstar White online. For a better understanding of the bleaching procedure itself, Dr. Hunt shares the steps to acquiring a Rockstar White smile.

Using This Innovative Teeth-Whitening System

Step One. Lightly brush and floss your teeth, without excessively brushing the gum line, and refrain from using mouthwash.

Step Two. Create a personal, custom-fitted teeth whitening tray by biting the impression material inside the tray, and wiggle your teeth to make room for the whitening gel.

Step Three. Apply a thin layer of the whitening gel in the newly-formed mold, without overfilling. Note, don’t allow the gel to make contact with your gums. If this does occur, wipe off the excess residue.

Step Four. With a cotton swab, carefully apply a layer of vitamin E onto the gum line.

Step Five. Position the custom-fitted teeth whitening tray comfortably in your mouth for 30 minutes to an hour, and hold off on eating or drinking anything for an hour after the treatment is complete.

Step Six. If sensitivity occurs, use the provided Gel Kam. Add the Gel Kam to the tray and place it in your mouth for three minutes. Spit out the excess material without rinsing your mouth.

Step Seven. Repeat the whitening treatment daily until desired results have been attained.

Order Your Teeth Bleaching Kit and Become a Rockstar

If you’re tired of spending money on over-the-counter whitening treatments that don’t work, try Rockstar White teeth whitening products. With affordable whitening kits, your smile can shine brightly, and you won’t experience the intense sensitivity caused by some whitening products. Ordering a start-up kit is easy—just check the shop tab on our website. The results speak for themselves. Still skeptical? Read our testimonials from actual dentists who not only recommend Rockstar White, they proudly offer the treatment to their patients. Stop living with less-than-pearly teeth, and give your smile a brilliant makeover today!